Glue Moon – Stockholm Zone

gluemoonDystopian synths and anti-motivational lyrics make ‘Stockholm Zone‘ from Glue Moon a down-hearted, harrowing tale of some of the bleakest possibilities that could lie ahead for us. The darkness seems to be endlessly closing in and engulfing every last ray of sunshine and, honestly, I love it.

Every note has been planned down to the last detail and the marauding synth that runs the show is a stroke of genius. Though there may be no respite from this darkness as we delve deeper down the rabbit hole, the introduction of a guitar into the foreground as the track spirals towards a conclusion is a welcome addition that adds a further dimension to this wilderness. Once the synth leading the chaos has vanished, you’re left in a sort of purgatory that will remain with you, lingering in your mind until you can bear it no more. And just like that, you’re trapped alone in the shadows with no chance of respite.

Besides, you were saying you don’t want to live forever. Weren’t you?

Ciaran Steward

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