Savage Nomads – Pinkie’s Little Light

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 16.04.30What’s this? Another beauty from Savage Nomads? Go on then…

Though my live review of the band may not have been exactly glowing, I still think that in recorded form they’re one of the hottest prospects in London. The off-beat rhythms are put to great use in this single and the band are once again lead by a voice that acts as the North Star, guiding everything into place and acting like the best host you’ll ever hope to find. Once again the guitar riffs are judged exquisitely and the effects used are far from dominant yet they’re undeniably adding to the sheer magnificence of the band’s completed sound.

It’s rare to come across a band that are so tight as a unit as these guys are with this style of music yet they effortlessly defy all the odds to create an impressive, polished sound that will have you teetering delicately on the edge of your seat. Even in the calmer moments you can feel a swelling of tension and the band most certainly do not disappoint. Not even for a second.


Ciaran Steward

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