Luke De-Sciscio – Patterns Of Revolution

10628099_10152451233661828_8205076116566057060_nAs beautiful a voice as this has yet to cross my ears in 2015. Alright, I’m writing this at the bitter end of 2014 BUT I’m sure that by the time this gets published there will still not be a single competitor in terms of sheer vocal ability that will come close to the instantly soothing tones of Luke De-Sciscio.

The concept of getting a tattoo to forget someone seems a little misguided and perhaps someone needs to have a quick word with Luke about his lifestyle choices, however, whatever it is that has inspired him to commit his heart and soul to his music has done a brilliant job in shaping an incredibly talented young man with a voice that is as wonderful as the feeling of holding laundry fresh out of the dryer. A finer falsetto you’ll struggle to find as there isn’t an inch of gravitas lost when reaching for the higher register and a perfectly executed, calm as can be guitar solo will only help tears stream faster down your face. I’m not really one for the mushy stuff but it’s safe to say that I’ve gone through a fair few left over Quality Street as I clutch a pillow, realising that my 2015 resolution may be unfurling before it has even begun to become a reality. It was totally worth it.

I believe that it’s time for a waltz, may I have this dance?

Ciaran Steward


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