The Living Eyes – High Standards

Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 14.55.11Get some guitar all over your face, neck and chest – this song’s about to make a right mess of your living room and you best start looking for some cleaners that don’t have any reservations. This beaut from The Living Eyes has more energy than a six-pack of Lucozade.

As your ears are thrown into chaos by the rampaging guitars and screaming vocals you can find yourself feeling like you’re in the middle of a mosh pit when in fact you’re sat at home, sipping a nice cup of tea that you’ve had to put cream in because the milk has gone. Definitely not recommending it. This is the opening track of their Living Large album which is set for release on Monday and what better way to kick the long-form into life than with a track this full of raw drive, the rest of the album certainly isn’t lacking either and this should get your appetite up for a feisty, non-stop selection of tunes filled to the brim with a barely bottled aggression that smashes through your ears like The Who’s hotel TV out of a window.

Get your Doc Martens on, this is going to get pretty intense.

Ciaran Steward

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