The Dukes of Bevington – DAYS & NIGHTS

For a band that have yet to establish a solid footing in the music industry, The Dukes of Bevington certainly know how to write a song, get it produced superbly and create a video that’s both simplistic and enthralling. ‘Days & Nights‘ is a pumping anthem that won’t give up until you’re up on your feet dancing the hours away. I love it when a track from an unsigned band has such a high quality production value and this, combined with the technical knowledge of the Leeds-formed trio, manages to help create a floor-filler that’ll bring in the crowds from far and wide.

Opening with some delightfully washy guitars, ‘Days & Nights‘ relies on the passion-fuelled voice of Scott Quinn to steal hearts before a chorus takes over that screams ‘use me on TV, I’d be perfect for advertising!’. This isn’t necessarily the band’s intention yet the energy and emotion that runs deep within the song creates exactly the sort of unifying sound that won’t bore your eardrums unless you leave it on repeat for days on end – even if you do, it’ll probably suffice as a motivational tape!

With James Locke’s fiery, intense drums and a constantly smooth-sounding bass from Quinn laying down the foundations, Christian Davies on guitar is left to roam free and his choice to not over-do this makes the track so endearing and highlights the tightness of the three piece band as a unit – something confirmed by the perfectly constructed harmonies. This is such an aurally fulfilling delight and the band are clearly made of the right stuff. It’ll be interesting to see what else features on their upcoming EP (so far untitled) as well as if they’re able to bring this unity to their stage shows.

Whatever the future may be for The Dukes Of Bevington, they can certainly be proud of this no nonsense, full-throttle three minute wonder.


Ciaran Steward

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