We Close Tonight used to be a blog reviewing new music. Running from 2014-2018ish, it featured predominantly single reviews of tracks liked by Ciarán Steward based on what made its way into his inbox (with occasional contributions from other writers with nothing better to do).

In 2021, it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s about time to enjoy things again.

Sorry that a lot of the old links don’t work, images might be broken and some of the writing may be questionable. If you see anything wrong, drop me a message and I’ll fix it.

Have a read, have some fun and hopefully find some new music you like.

Send your stuff to ciaran@weclosetonight.com and I’ll give it a listen.

Still on Facebook and Twitter apparently.

Thanks for making it this far. It’s been maybe twenty minutes since I decided to start doing this again, and already I’ve got that feeling back of hope that someone will read this stuff and smile as they do.

Be good to yourself, be good to others and, please, listen to as much music as you physically can.


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