Mother Of Billions – Universe

MOBElectronic duo Mother Of Billions have released their debut track ‘Universe‘ which is a relatively simple composition inspired by the marvellous F.Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby.

I’ll openly admit electronic music has never particularly been my thing and I was reluctant at first to listen to the track. However, my curiosity got the better of me and decided to give it a chance. Though the lyrics may not be the most intricate, they work perfectly in conjunction with the mood of the music as a sentimentality is built through a floaty, supernatural sounding instrumentation. This is swiftly followed by a more powerful timbre that helps lead into a simplistic yet effective chorus. The vocal dissonances help add an element of intrigue to a track which musically doesn’t quite set the world alight. Though there is by no means anything wrong with the track, it’s a little too introvert for my liking.

I would have loved some further development with the song and some of the sounds, particularly the strings, haven’t quite managed to make the transition from MIDI track into realistic sounding instruments. I do love the subtlety of the track though and there are some genuinely impressive moments of intricate detail which I didn’t expect to come across in a debut outing. On the whole it seems to be treading ground that has already been explored before on many occasions and doesn’t quite have the power to blow me away.

Nevertheless, it’s still a perfectly listenable track and, while it might not quite be my cup of tea, it’ll be the type of chilled out electronic track that certainly has an audience out there that will appreciate it.

Ciaran Steward

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