The Family Rain – Don’t Waste Your Time

THE-FAMILY-RAIN-Dont-Waste-Your-TimeThe art of preparation is one that far too many musicians ignore; this lack of patience leads so frequently to a track not living up to its potential. The Family Rain, however, take their time in laying down the ground-rules in ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’. The result? A slowly building, swirling, spacious sound that leaves a haunting presence running through your veins. And then… raw energy. It might take over two minutes for the noise to completely fill your ears but when it does it’ll blow you away like a shotgun. There’s no pressure on the track to step it up, the laid-back attitude simply helps draw the listener in like a spider enticing flies into a wicked web. And before you know it, just like the poor little fly, you’re engulfed by The Family Rain.

A memorable, disheartened hook helps the track etch itself deep into your brain while the powerful contrasts between lo-fi atmosphere and colossal rock really drive the point home for this rapidly rising trio.

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