Blank Bibles – Blank Bibles

blankbiblesThe charming sound of Blank Bibles has been a welcome presence in my ears as the sextet have recently released their self-titled EP unto the world and it has some of the most infectious rhythms I’ve ever come across. Imagine if Mumford & Sons had been a little more like The Travelling Wilburys, that’s pretty much where Blank Bibles sit in the great scheme of things.

It’ll only take the first few bars of opening track ‘Down The Line‘ to get you hooked on the band as it is one of the cheeriest, excitable puppy-esque tracks you’ll hear this year. Each member of the sextet brings their own unique character to every single beat and this purest brand of upbeat music is a sure-fire way to start your day with a smile. Basslines feel like they are leaping out at you in an attempt to lure you in, particularly in ‘Let Me Be‘ as the bass sits smoothly beside the guitar parts in a comforting timbre that makes for top quality folk-rock. There may not exactly be a wealth of diverse music on show throughout the EP but there’s no need for severe variation when you’re so good at what you do, why try to fix something that isn’t broke?

Backing vocals play a key part in the forming of the band’s sound, another similarity to the Mumford lads, yet the voice that commands the group is significantly less whiny than Marcus Mumford. The drums provide the toe-tapping heartbeat of each track and as they set the stage for closing track ‘She Comes To Me‘ the mood is set for a closer that takes you down a winding road to a satisfying close. There are many excellent guitar riffs to be encountered along this amazing journey and you’ll feel like you’ve enjoyed the ride and reached your journey’s end in no time at all.

It may not be the most original sound but Blank Bibles know exactly what they’re good at and each track on the EP is full if life and character that will spark your days into life.

Ciaran Steward


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