Kieran Peter Gallimore – Old Wounds

oldwoundsThis acoustic beauty from Kieran Peter Gallimore has been soothing my soul for the last couple of weeks so it felt like the perfect song to strike back into action with after a week of going missing.

I’m very picky when it comes to music made exclusively by a singer and an acoustic guitar so there must be something incredibly special about Gallimore’s work to make it a regular amongst my weekly iPod playlist (yes, I’m that guy). While the guitar strums away sweet chords that you’d hope to find in an offering such as this, Gallimore’s voice provides that extra slice of intrigue. With a depth and confidence that far outshine most other one-person outfits, ‘Old Wounds‘ draws you in as you wait upon every last word whilst each silence allows the tension to build as you’ll become more and more eager to hear Gallimore’s vocals once more return to the fray.

There are so many films that would benefit from the natural emotion emanating for this one man and his guitar, a fitting accompaniment for the most tender of scenes. Why not sit back, close your eyes and allow Kieran Peter Gallimore to carry you away on his soothing six-string delight?

If only he knew how to spell Ciaran properly…

Ciaran Steward

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