Grand Splendid – ‘Numbers’

Numbers Ep coverBack on the hunt for glorious new music I go and I was delighted to have my inbox graced by the latest EP from Montreal-based Grand Splendid. I’m by no means an expert on the Canadian music scene but if glimpses like this portray the bigger picture I may need to start considering a move to the Great White North. Eh.

Opening track ‘Energy‘ is so silky smooth that I’m left feeling a warm sensation that usually only comes along when I watch a Nigella cooking show. There is a very welcome comforting nature to the track, aided principally by guitar effects and vocals that have made reservations on cloud 9. Whilst steady drumming ultimately holds everything together, the swirling harmonies that lay above bring an eager smile to my face and make my heart feel like it has grown 3 sizes this day.

The safe atmosphere and home comforts continue into ‘Hopeless‘ which, despite having somewhat generic lyrics, is an ultimately uplifting affair with a positive message that will ease any troubles you may have. Acoustic guitars are in full effect whilst it is the heavily modified electric alternative that provides the moments of real brilliance, excellently spread out as to alleviate any potential tiresomeness. Once the solo comes around you’ll find you were already waiting for it, half-knowing exactly what to expect and yet not being any less satisfied with the final product.

Midway through the EP we reach the title track which continues in a similar vein, though with seemingly more drive and determination in tow. Once again the lyrics make for feel-good poetry and by this point you’ll appreciate the excellent job that the bassist has been doing all along – steady as a rock, knowing just how to make the mood complete. As the tracks ascends into a magnificent cacophony of wonder you’ll realise that Grand Splendid are by no means a one trick pony and they’ve got plenty in the locker for when the right moment comes. ‘How Do You Feel Now?‘ answers every question that the title raises as it feels like the track hits at just the right time. Though there may not be anything particularly ground-breaking about the band they certainly have their signature sound down to the finest detail and each and every moment on the EP is sheer musical bliss. As the atmospheric excellence returns for a perfectly judged middle 8 (or bridge, I’m not sure what the kids are calling it nowadays) you feel as though everything is once again right with the world.

Closing things off is the aptly named ‘Last‘ which opens a little more mysteriously than its predecessors. This added element of intrigue will draw you back into the band’s core once again and the enticing vocals will fill your ears and ensure that the rest of your journey with Grand Splendid will be everything you’d ever hoped for. This is pure music, made by those who have a clear passion for their craft, and I think I might have to help myself to another serving because I have certainly not had enough.

Ciaran Steward

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