Empire Affair – Pangs

pangsWho fancies a slice of some top-notch, massive sounding alternative music? Thought you might, tuck in to your afternoon tea as the splendid sounds of Empire Affair fill your ears. Deeper than vein thrombosis, these guys are absolutely bubbling away with talent and they’ve got each and every climax just right in order to make their five track EP ‘Pangs’ something very special indeed.

Relentlessly pounding away in the sort of manner that will have heads nodding and tired throats screaming much more than they should, this offering is an absolute powerhouse that will smash through any misguided preconceptions until you realise that these are five young men full to the brim with talent. It somehow managed to be both a polished final product and the sort of sounds you’ll hear if you go along to your mates gig wrapped into one energetic package. Guitar effects and synth pads are used to great effect, making the sound larger than, I don’t know, maybe 3 elephants? Maybe 4, at a push. The tireless drums and bass that ultimately allow the rest of the band freedom to create and blow the audience away are crucial to the sound, off-beat hi-hats and the occasional tasty bass groove certainly should not go unnoticed.

I’d love to pick a favourite but it’s hard to go for just one – ultimately for me it has to be a toss up between ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Forest Amongst The Trees‘, though at the end of the day there isn’t a bad track to be had. A definitive signature sound already achieved, this is the sort of vibe that could be selling out stadiums and creating anthems for the masses. It’s such a well-rounded, complete project that I’m struggling to find even the slightest fault with Empire Affair.

That’s something new.

Ciaran Steward

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