The Whereabouts – Money & Fame

wabRemember The Strypes? They were pretty good weren’t they? Now they’re no longer the only young lads putting their own rapid, high-intensity spin on good old-fashioned rock and roll blues. The Whereabouts have got a very similar drive about them, enhanced by the addition of some cracking harmonies and subtle guitar licks that’ll knock your socks right off.

It has all the emphasis of punk whilst sticking to what most of us would recognise as standard blues procedure. Just like their fellow Irish brethren previously mentioned, these four lads have taken to the classics of popular music from an early age and with a combined age less than Pete Townshend (Yes, I did the maths) there are plenty of reasons to get excited about their future. Though they might not strictly be bringing anything new to the table, you’ll always be able to fill rooms with people who have an unbridled love for music as pure and simple as this.

With their mighty fine take on a style of music that seems destined never to lay down and die, The Whereabouts will surely capture the hearts of many a music fan as they invoke memories of brilliant music from years gone by, giving it their own, delightful signature twist.

Ciaran Steward

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