Thomas McConnell – Crocodile

10750289_911559965523801_8568613158240401412_oWhat’s the first thing that comes into your head when creating a music video? Some opt for film of the band performing along with the track, others choose a visual effect to base everything around and there are plenty of other typical options available. As for Thomas McConnell, well, he decided to have a friend dress up as a crocodile that he would chase around his house and have a good old dance with. Of course.

Whilst the video might be all fun and games, the music on offer is actually much more impressive than you might be expecting – with guitar riffs reminiscent of prime Status Quo, this is a lovely brand of rock and roll that draws upon sounds from several past decades, culminating on a sound that isn’t too far away from what you might expect if a certain pair of Mancunian brothers finally got their wish and were able to join up with a rather famous Liverpudlian quartet. McConnell doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, which certainly adds to his cheeky appeal, and he has bags full of talent when it comes to writing a catchy song that’ll no doubt get the crowds ready to shuffle their feet.

By the time the song comes to a close, you’re left feeling very much like a crocodile relaxing in a bathtub with a nice glass of wine. Where do I get my crazy ideas from…

Ciaran Steward

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