Seth Elton – 13 O’Clock In The Morning

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 14.17.19For a sophomore effort from a lad equipped with an acoustic guitar you’re probably expecting something that’s a bit tinny, a voice that could be pretty passable if working in the right key and a selection of lyrical cliches that will have a handful of young women swooning whilst the rest of the nation make a puking symbol behind their backs.

This isn’t that. At all.

Seth Elton took his time in creating this song as his dedication to the cause certainly shows. Acoustic guitars sound warm, as they should, whilst vocals are tainted with effects that keep from from being the same old sound you’ve heard a thousand times before. Sure, some of the lyrics might be a bit familiar but with a sound like this you’re hardly likely to find abstract, peculiar topics that well suited. The killer ingredient in Elton’s mix is the depth of the electric guitar, used sparsely which is exactly the right thing to do, as it breaks through the safer melodies and harmonies – adding that much needed edge.

There’s a really enjoyable feel to the song, brought about by the acoustic guitar rhythms, and there’s a chorus that you won’t be forgetting for a while – the lyrical hook is clever enough to become memorable without ostracising the listening audience too much. Seth Elton uses the stereo field so well that you’d be able to frolic within in, if you wanted to of course.

Well worth a listen. Actually, a few. ‘Roy‘ is cracking too.

Ciaran Steward

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