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Rormix Picks #18

I feel like every time it comes around to being Tuesday and time for a selection of the finest picks from Rormix that I’m either celebrating a very good week or moaning about a rather unsatisfactory seven days. This week? I’m pleased to say that I’ve split the difference and had a wonderfully ‘meh’ week. All is well and for once I feel calm. But anyway… Here are some absolute CHOONZ (sorry…) to get your Tuesday going;

Mother Empire – Worthless

Mother Empire from Denmark are the perfect indie rock band. Their eclectic mix of American alternative rock and eighties British synth-rock creates quirky yet radio friendly tracks. Influenced by the likes of The Cure, Depeche Mode and The National, Mother Empire provide us with the perfect mix of catchy riffs and choruses whilst keeping the melodies somewhat dark and atmospheric.
Mother Empire

AKW – To Be Alive

AKW, an on-trend indie band from Los Angeles, is made up of three talented individuals. Alex Wisner on keys and vocals, Adam Cude on guitar, and Daniel Donayre on percussion create the unique trio who bring us a full-bodied and almost ethereal sound, similar to Youth Lagoon, Twin Oaks, and Karen O.

Alex Wisner started out in The Tints with Alex on keys and vocals, Harely Viera Newton on guitar and vocals, and Clara Balzary (Flea of RHCP’s daughter) on drums. They released two original EP’s and headlined several Neon/Indie 103 Key Club shows. In addition, Vincent Gallo personally selected them to share the stage with The Zombies, Yoko Ono, Autolux, PJ Harvey, and Prefuse 73 at the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in England. They also made appearances in Teen Vogue, The LA Times, and mentions in Rolling Stone magazine.




We Outspoken – It’s Not Alright

Hard, authentic, edgy, disciplined… are some words used to describe the sound and focus of the band We Outspoken from Toronto, Canada. The year of 2008 brought together Anthony Mascarin (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Alex Mascarin (drums), Joe Manchisi (lead guitar/backup vocals), and Chris Andrews (bass), in hopes of creating their dream of playing in a band, not making music a pastime, but making it a career.

We Outspoken have been featured in three international and domestic magazines: Canada’s Faze Magazine, Germany’s Outspoken Magazine/OX-Fanzine, and Ride UK, BMX Magazine, along with being on three international and domestic CD compilations: HIV Yellow Head Comp, Pop-Punk Comp, and CBC/Tea Volume Comp.

we outspoken



denitia and sene. – Runnin

At a time when the idea of “alternative R&B” has become the genre-defying norm, when hip hop and EDM and house music and indie-rock have all started to sound mysteriously the same. The chilled-out, futuristic soul vibes of Brooklyn electro pop duo denitia and sene now make a perfect kind of sense.

Formed in 2011, the Brooklyn-based group has released one full-length (2013’s His and Hers), a handful of singles, and two EPs (2012’s Blah Blah Blah and 2014’s side fx)—all of which show off the band’s ability to move seamlessly between pure pop, subdued electronica, and slinky R&B. Their sound brings to mind everything from Massive Attack, The Fugees, or the shadowy late-night atmospherics of The XX. The pairing of powerhouse vocalist Denitia and production whiz and beat-maker Sene is a kind of perfect musical union—a complimentary collision of personalities and musical sensibilities that makes for next level perfect pop.denitia and sene


Kairos – Dirt & Grit

While at Cornish, 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist Lena Simon dabbled in a little bit of a lot, studying everything from classical clarinet (her most proficient instrument) and composing music for Javanese gamelan while joining three widely respected indie bands: Pollens, Tomten, and Throw Me the Statue.
Last year she added Kairos, her new electronic project, to the load, as well as collaborating with Katie Kate, Pillar Point, and Thunderpussy and playing bass for surf-noir group La Luz, Simon enjoys a kind of freedom rare in the rock scene: the ability to pursue whatever sounds interesting.



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