Another Wave – Drifting

Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 15.41.29Such an apt title, the off-beat guitars help give that ‘lost on the beach’ feeling that I’ve become so accustomed to after having a fondness for both napping and being warm. There’s plenty to like about this track from Another Wave and it’ll help loosen up all your muscles better than any home remedy.

For me, there’s no escaping the brilliant sound of the bass that keep this track alive through the verses that are restricted a tad due to the general conventions of popular music. Then again, the brass does a pretty handy job of washing everything else away as it crashed onto the scene and I’ve always got plenty of time for a saxophone solo, particularly one that features such an incredible wash of guitar rapidly firing behind it. The cacophony that this track becomes is a very welcome surprise and once everything is in full flow it’s hard not to begin to rise out of your seat in anticipation.

And as the band bring everything back down for the closing bars, you’ll find that sense of calm once more and notice that your brief nap on the beach has ended you in a bit of a pickle. Thankfully, there’s a handsome lifeguard on the way.

Ciaran Steward

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