Navina – Colours

Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 11.57.07There’s something wonderfully dainty about Navina‘s EP as it whistles through your ears like a pleasant breeze. Her voice is a sheer delight to listen to and sparkles with individual sounds that let you know she’s not trying to imitate anyone else and is simply content to be the very talented musician that she is.

Life gives you lemons, you turn them into limes” is a lovely motif in the EP’s opening track and it keeps that sense of feel-good optimism to the song that’ll have you instantly enthralled. With a level of versatility that I often find missing in an EP from an acoustic-centric artist, emotions are rife throughout and there’s a charm to Navina‘s softly-spoken delivery that makes her so instantly endearing. With more than a touch of Norah Jones influence flowing through the album, Time could certainly have been a cutting room floor near-miss from one of Jones’s stronger releases, you’ll find it hard not to let your head tilt to one side and reminisce about times gone by if you’ve got even the slightest slither of goodness running through your veins.

This is an utterly charming trio of songs and the multi-talented Navina is certainly worth someone keeping an eye on as she’s got plenty of creativity to spare.

Ciaran Steward

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