Premiere: Suzerain – Frenzy

sz2Now that you’ve managed to make it through Monday relatively unscathed, I’ve got a lovely little treat for you that should make Tuesday fly by as if you’re sat upon the shoulders of The Flash, dangling a delicious chocolate bar in front of his face. Suzerain are a top band and they’ve been kind enough to let me be the first to bring you this absolute belter from their upcoming album Identity which will smash headfirst into your ears on 13th April.

Frenzy‘ is an absolute firestorm of a track that’s got a full-throttle attitude that’ll have you screaming out for more. It’s a truly explosive piece of music that’ll rip right through you as if it were Jeremy Paxman pouncing upon an MP with very little PR training. There’s no sense of letting up as the band blast their way through every last verse and chorus with an unbridled passion and energy that many others are simply unable to muster.

If you like your music loud and fast, yet still like being able to actually hear the music as opposed to just a wall of noise, then you can’t afford to let this one pass you by.

Ciaran Steward

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