Even In Arcadia – Fall Before Summer

Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 14.25.17Here’s one that I’ve been hanging onto for a while – due entirely to the overwhelming amount of submissions that come in every day. You’d think that would mean people read this… Anyway, it may be a little later than planned but I’m still happy to pen a few words about this track from Even In Arcadia as it has me reminiscing about the mid 2000s sounds of RHCP, with a twinge of something a little more 80s-based.

There are plenty of familiar techniques and sounds on offer to suggest that the band have great taste in music themselves, right through the drums, bass and guitars you can hear hallmarks of some classic anthems and it’s a very welcome familiarity indeed. At the head of it all is a female vocal which floats atop the slightly sinister sounds of the band, adding a really attractive melody into the mix and combining well with the instruments in a strong pre-chorus. Once the chorus hits, the band’s appeal becomes blatantly obvious and it makes for a welcome earworm.

With the fusing of several musical styles it can at times seem a tad disjointed but, on the whole, this track is definitely worth a few listens.

Ciaran Steward

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