Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #31

This week’s Rormix picks come to you a day late as the world enters a new stage of anarchy. Whilst the real world floats in an ephemeral chaos we can thank our lucky stars that music still reigns supreme. No, I don’t know what I’m going on about either – I’m just in a rush to write this as I’m at work. Anyway, here are this week’s picks so prepare to click the pics;

Hartheim – When Did Your Last Rose Die?

Manchester’s very own Hartheim released their latest offering ‘When Did Your Last Rose Die?’ on Monday, with The Line of Best Fit premiering the video of the band’s warped attempt at a classic love ballad. After an auspicious debut year, we have been looking forward to seeing what Hartheim had in store next – we’ve not been disappointed.

The video, directed by Alexander Bell, focuses on the protagonist of the song and features disused theme parks, hypothermia and the consecrated curse of lasting love. The track confronts the down-spiralling correlation between passion and age; detailing the initial throws of young, boundless lust, and the slow descent into middle-aged hatred. Enjoy.


Facebook: (They don’t have a Facebook page but here is a link to their next gig event on Facebook)


Night Drive – Drones

Night Drive is not a band. It’s a mission. 2 secret agents sent out to recalibrate the future of electro pop. Inspired by dark, synth-heavy electro pop, Night Drive released their first single Drones in June of 2013 followed by an array of remixes leading up to their 5 song EP, Position I. The band is made up of Brandon (Glasnost) and Rodney (MoTel Aviv) – intrigued? That’s what we thought.

night drive



Hank & Cupcakes – HIT

Flush with simmering sexuality and irresistible dance pulse, Hank & Cupcakes are everything you would not expect them to be. Named in reference to notorious Charles ‘Hank’ Bukowski and one of his lovers ‘Cupcakes’, this Brooklyn based duo by way of Tel Aviv Israel & Melbourne Australia are the coalescence of rock without guitars and pop without synthesisers.

hank and cupcakes



Fake Shark – Real Zombie! – Paint It Gold

With a band name and logo deliberately chosen to be the most confusing in the game (say the band themselves) this band are doing everything differently. During the video for ‘Paint It Gold’ the band members have gold paint thrown over them, the paint being made of sugar and paint. The entire band got mild pneumonia after the video, which they say is “a sign that your video was executed correctly”. Hat’s off to these guys.

fake shark real zombie



The Shilohs – English Roads

Indie/rock five-piece The Shilohs hail from Vancouver, BC. ‘English Roads’ is a song inspired by flying into Heathrow airport and seeing the farms and fields from thousands of miles in the air. Frontman Johnny Payne describes them as ‘crop circles’ – I’m hoping he’s wrong.

The video for ‘English Roads’ was inspired by a dream he had about a basketball game in the fog, and an unrequited love story from his life at that time. He was planning to hitchhike a long way to profess his love to a girl, but then thought better of it. “Maybe I’ll just make a film about it instead. Less painful if it all turns to shit in the end.”

the shilohs



Mmmmmmmm sounds.


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