Fiction – Best Before

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 15.28.16This is more like it – time time wrap yourself around these sounds from Fiction, one of the finest bands currently plying their trade in London, and hold on so tight that you’ll never let go. You’d better never let go.

Why? Because they’re going to captivate the very essence of your music-obsessed spirit within a matter of seconds before they plan on keeping you guessing for the next few minutes with a track that’s something like an 80s pop classic vamped up with essences of guitar glory. The result of this peculiar combination is a song that you’re simply not able to quite gets to grips with as it rattles around your brain, never quite searching for an exit but not content to let you ever take over the controls. The five-piece have also just put out a juicy full EP for you to indulge yourself in and each track is full of strengths that’ll have you questioning why they’re not already being blasted out of car windows and the like across London.

This is a mighty fine vintage, I’ll have to buy another bottle.

Ciaran Steward

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