Lewis & Leigh – Heart Don’t Want

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 08.13.03Sometimes all you need to keep your head straight is to take a deep breathe and survey what lays ahead of you. There’s no use in blindly careering down a path for the sake of it and a careful, considered approach is surely the way to go. That seems to be the way that duo Lewis & Leigh have gone for with their new sounds as this slow-burner carries more weight than your average full-frontal belter.

Mixing infectious melodies with stabs of brass and one of the mellowest percussion roles I’ve heard in a very long time, this tuneful beauty relies heavily on the fact that both Lewis and Leigh have killer voices for this kind of sound and when they sing together it feels like such a natural connection. We all know too well how affairs of the heart can be a tricky subject but the frank honesty in this song feels like something that most of us would benefit from. Once you lay everything out in front of you like this there’s nowhere to hide, not that this pair need to disguise their dulcet tones in any way at all.

It’s a bit of a thinker but when your head is in the right place this sounds absolutely gorgeous.

Ciaran Steward

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