Asylums – Missing Persons

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.44.16Last time I wrote about Asylums I was a little bit worried that they were losing their edge a little. Take in the first couple of seconds of their latest single and I’ll retract my comment – they come out of the traps faster than a greyhound with an unending vendetta against toy rabbits.

Albeit, there are still plenty of things about this latest offering which see them fall down familiar paths that are predictable and somewhere in the region of ten years too late to be exciting. Nevertheless, the energy they bring to the table and the gusto with which they fly into every last riff is plain to see and the quality of the guitar playing is as high as ever. In fact, on an individual basis all four members of the band are absolutely killing it and there’s plenty of things about them that’ll definitely make for fantastic entertainment if you were to go out and see them live.

Though this may not quite be reaching the same heights of their first couple of tracks, once you kick off with a standard so impossibly high to match it perhaps blinds judgement of future tracks a little. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this track and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to blast it from the rooftops – after all, it does deserve it.

Ciaran Steward

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