Episodes – Hunny Please

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.41.57Brighton’s trip-pop quartet Episodes are quickly making a name for themselves on the underground circuit with their lushly diverse grooves and party-friendly mannerisms.

The group recently released their new EP Motion boasting ‘Hunny Please‘, a sound, like the EP as a whole, straight from the tropics. Fruitfully experimental indie-pop at its bass-empowered best. Bopping rhythm mixing with Alana Westall’s quirky spoken-word eloquence throughout as gently subtle pop-infused guitars toe the line alongside beaty percussion. Experimentally on-point, there’s nothing out there like this, not even anything close. Episodes have their own brand of pop and it’s as addictive as Sunny D.

Addictive, rhythmic delights are something to be prepared for when Episodes are involved, after all they insist on them to the point you’re even slightly disappointed when one grinds to a halt inside three minutes. That though, leaves time for an experiment, does it keep playing if you repeat the lyrics back? “Hunny please don’t go, don’t leave, won’t you stay a while yeah.” Unfortunately not. That said, there’s the whole scrumptious Motion EP to delve into so I suppose we shouldn’t complain too much.

There’s certainly a pleasantly fresh and invigorating aroma hanging around this group and it’s one that refuses to go away till the parties over and until the repeat button is removed this party is doing just fine.

Jake Marley

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