Asylums – Necessary Appliances

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.04.33The ever-energetic Asylums have just let out another new burst of fast-firing aural goodness which seems them make a more than welcome return to their very best. That sense of youthful exuberance that first drew me to them seems to have returned and, while there’s still a smattering of predictability about this latest offering, they’ve got some top quality riffs and emotive lyrics on hand to get you up and smashing windows.

It seems as though the fire is well and truly back in their bellies and they sound as though they’re ready to start tearing down walls and taking over cities in a matter on minutes. Keep a keen ear out for some of the tidy little bass runs that could so easily skip your attention with such blazing guitars dominating the headlines and belting drums beating their way into oblivion.

What has always charmed me about Asylums is their devil may care attitude and it once more feels like they’ve found that killer edge as their campaign for world domination takes a few steps forward.

Ciaran Steward

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