She Drew The Gun – Poem

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 14.25.29One of the very finest up and coming bands in the country, She Drew The Gun provide the aural definition of finesse with their latest offering as they make sure every last hair is perfectly in place before they go on about treating to your ears to something sweeter than that tiramisu I had with my dad in Norwich when I was about ten.

That’s right, you’ll have yourself seeing memories you’d almost forgotten once you tune in to this bunch and their soul-wrenching sound. As with anyone with an association with a certain corner of the North West they have a command of the English language to be proud of and, when words this real are presented to you be such a truthful voice, it simply transcends music and becomes an out of body experience. Don’t be fooled and blinded by what you see in the papers (coming from a bloke who does that for a living…), you are your own person free to make your own decisions and you shouldn’t simply accept something because it’s the norm. This song is on hand to release that rebellious part of you you thought should be left behind as a teenager. Never be afraid to be who you really are, regardless of the nonsense spouted by others and the misguided opinions that make far more noise than sense.

I cannot express to you how enthralled I am by She Drew The Gun and this song in particular is one of the most emotive things I’ve listened to in years. If they don’t end up being one of the biggest bands in the world then the music industry has lost its way even more than I thought.

Ciaran Steward

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