INCA MAPS – In Tangier

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-08-18-56If what you’re looking for is a whole new lease on life, presented to you in the form of a blissfully perfect pop song then look no further than this latest gem from the excellent INCA MAPS who have hit new heights with the softly smooth ‘In Tangier‘.

Settle in for four minutes of emotionally-charged tenderness that sees the band lay out everything they have to offer in a simple, honest way. The slow-building nature of the track gets you hooked from the early throws as it lets you access its very core far easier than you’d expect. It feels so easy to get into that it’s essentially the aural equivalent of that cupboard I got from IKEA but actually this lot have bothered to put all the right bloody parts in and they don’t rely on a hungover, angry man to make sure that they can perform properly. What I’m trying to say, I think, is that this is such elegantly mastered craftsmanship that the band should think about opening up their own chain of supply stores for household goods.

Well, it’s either that or ‘shit, these guys are pretty special’. Could just as easily be either I reckon.

Ciaran Steward

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