Catholic Action – Doing Well

screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-11-14-25‘Hi Ciarán, Hope you’re well’ – I’ve read these words more than my own name at this point thanks to endless press releases so when someone asks if I’m ‘Doing Well‘ there’s a wee shudder down the back of my spine because I think I’m about to hear some god-awful music. However, on this occasion it actually came complete with an absolute belter from Catholic Action who fire in so many riffs I’ve lost count and have an energy to them that wouldn’t be out of place at any house party ever.

Jauntier than the walk of a man who has just been paid, complete with the necessary hand claps for support, this corker calls back to ’60s rock and roll with some of the melodies while the guitars thrash away with all the reckless abandon of everyone from the Davies brothers through to Weller and the boys, even touching on a lovely bit of Coxon. It’s stylish, clever indie music that comes IKEA made with a chorus so catchy you’ll only be able to tell people all day that you’re doing well even if you’re sad about the fact there’s no more cake left in the fridge and you didn’t even get a slice because you were too busy watching Phoneshop in bed.

Oh, right. Yeah, this is a ruddy good track that’ll get you in the mood to absolutely grout and smash it. Go on then, seize the day and all that.

Ciarán Steward

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