Little Rêd – What Love Is

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.50.41In truth, there are plenty of young people who probably don’t know exactly what love is anyway – aside from those of us who have discovered the blissful joy of being left alone with a big box of Lindt chocolates in a room with dimmed lighting. But I digress, the pop stylings of Little Rêd see the Bath-based talent take on that so often tried and tested muse.

The result? A pop song that’s nice and catchy, if not a tad too predictable at times. But then maybe that doesn’t matter so much as her voice is able to keep you so utterly engrossed from start to finish that the clichés and familiar hallmarks simply blur into obscurity behind the sparkling talent of a young woman who clearly knows her way around a microphone. Debut single ‘Hell‘ was always going to be a bit tricky to match with the follow-up but there’s still plenty of joy to be had from tuning in to ‘What Love Is‘ and I have high hopes that there’s a lot more to come from this up and coming genius.

It’s fun, it’s easily accessible and it means another dose of Little Rêd – that’s more than enough to make this worth a listen.

Ciarán Steward

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  1. I sometimes burn playlists onto discs to play in my father’s car. He then stores them where ever until I come next time and I then need to pull then from the glove compartment, sun shade, centre console or the floor. Some of my favourite songs get wrecked and they jump that is play…then jump to a place further in the track…and I just click to the next song.
    It really annoys me when i can not hear the whole song.
    I kind of feel that this song does this.

    P.s – love ‘Hell’

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