Some Kind Of Playlist – #3

As I write this, it’s a Sunday evening and I’ve got the comfy slippers on. There’s some context for you. Now, here are ten songs that have been on the WCT stereo lately that we haven’t had time to get the proper words done for. They’re all blinders so you should stick around and listen to the whole bunch. I mean, it would be polite to anyway.

Here are some passing notes on what you’re about to hear…

The Jackobins – Throwback to the mid/late ’00s when emotionally charged synths and guitars intertwining brilliantly was everything. A right little mover.

Lunch Ladies – A blissful beauty where decades old pop is revived by a pounding drumbeat. These vocals are pretty special as well.

Everyone Is Dirty – Dirty by name, dirty by nature – so lovely and grimy, slithering to and fro as it makes a right mess of your brain.

Lkffct – Jaunty as you like, bouncing better than a superball and so wavy you might need to get your trunks on.

Seeing Hands – Oh hello there, this is the good stuff. Get it straight in my veins so the kaleidoscopic dreams can begin again.

Juju – Fuzzed up mastery that feels like it could go on for hours without you noticing. The kind of stuff that would be great for an all-night, far out ride.

Bloxx – Amazingly good pop song with gorgeous guitar sounds, couldn’t-care-less vocals and swells that’ll give you goosebumps.

False Advertising – No need for anything flashy when you’ve got the basics down to a tee. Bish, bash, bosh – what a ripper.

Makemake – Like something out of an old school video game melded with… Oh you know what, just so damn ’90s I can’t resist it.

Imitating Aeroplanes – And breathe… Now slowly open your eyes, and start this playlist from the top. Repeatedly. (Metronomy fans – get on this ASAP)

Here we go then… Go on, tell us which one is your fave;

Ciarán Steward

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