Pale Grey – Late Night feat. Serengeti

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.16.33More often than not I’ll refrain from writing about any hip-hop type sounds on this blog, due almost entirely to my own lack of knowledge of the style and because I feel I wouldn’t do it justice. However, Pale Grey have teamed up with Serengeti to create a track that blends indie with masterful MCing to make for a track I couldn’t quite ignore.

Oh it’s a complete mishmash of styles and teeters on the brink of becoming a complete mess at times for sure. But it works. Somehow it works. Perhaps the key to it all is the brand, atmospheric setting everything is built on top of – allowing both the MC and Gilles Dewalque plenty of space to make their voices and messages heard. There are more ebbs and flows than my local pool when the put the wave machine on but you won’t be needing to grab onto a float or one of those weird tubes that I’m reliably formed are known as ‘pool noodles’, you’ll just want to grab your speakers so you can get as many people listening to this as possible.

Dip your toe in at least, you might just like it. I promise it’s not too cold, honest.

Ciarán Steward

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