Coral Grief – Crumble

Photo: John Puschock

This kind of spaced out, drawled slacker fantasy is exactly the sort of thing we all need more of in our lives. Coral Grief give that much needed dopamine hit with this laid-back swirled as they prepare to send you off into the land of nod (to borrow a phrase my dad used routinely when I was wee).

The Seattle-based dream pop duo have really zoned in on something that really seems to help you keep your cool, and if I’d ever gone on to do a psychology degree like I said I was always going to then this bit might have sounded a bit smarter.

It’s experimental, experiential, extremely appetising and has one of my favourite opening lyrics of recent years. So sit back, relax and let this do work that a cup of chamomile tea could only dream of achieving.


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