Squid – Pamphlets

I love Squid more than I’d love a plate of fresh calamari in a restaurant on the coast of Italy somewhere, accompanied by a garlic aioli that has been handmade by the oldest Nonna in the village.

If you’re reading this nonsense, you’re likely already well aware of this rabble and their brilliant brand of properly ‘out there’ music complete with the nicest shouting vocals ever to grace the world. Seriously, what a voice that is. This time around they’ve crossed the eight minute mark and really gone all in with the weird, filling their pockets, bags and anything else they can find with healthy dollops of sublime defiance.

Who do you think would win in a fight between a squid and a moose? You’ve got to be thinking it would have to be an all-terrain fight to balance things out. While the moose’s antlers might be a real threat, you’ve got to fancy the squid’s ability to really unleash on that sucker. Anyway, this is cracking. Or should that be kraken? Never mind.


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