Kids On Bridges – Walls

Kids On Bridges - Walls PACK SHOTWhen you’ve got a good riff, make the most of it. That’s exactly what Kids On Bridges have done with their new track ‘Walls‘ which features the key riff as a vocal melody, the musical driving force of the track and as a menacing whistle that puts you in a strange sense of unease before the music kicks off.

Having just signed to the Wall Of Sound label, these guys have immediately lived up to the label’s premise by bombarding your ears with an epic powerhouse of a track that has such a huge, complete sound that could fill a blue whale’s bathtub. Coming at you like Liverpool’s answer to The Black Keys, the raw energy of the band is channeled into a tight space to help bring out every last snare hit, bass note and every repetition of the truly infectious riff. Lead singer Christian Bragg really brings the track home with his natural energy and passion whilst the rest of the band tower behind him like powerful henchmen.

This dark, pulsating track is a fantastic first outing for Kids On Bridges via their new label home and, combined with a video that tells a wonderfully bleak tale, could well be the first step on the road to something big.

Ciaran Steward


  1. Great track , thank you Weclosetonight will be buying when its out really good article song reminds me of Depeche Mode and as you say glam stomp of the Black Keys look forward to hearing more

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