Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars EP (Special Edition)

coverIt seems somewhat fitting, given that yesterday was all about elections and serious stuff, that Lux Lisbon open up this special extended version of their EP with ‘Bullingdon Club‘ – a track that had my pulse racing and my left-wing political side urging them on. It’s a really intense start which plants a grin firmly on my face from ear to ear. The opener is swiftly balanced out by the slower, melodic title track that sees a much softer side of the band come to light. The raging anger of the first track immediately subsides and, if it weren’t for the general awareness and top quality musicianship of the outfit, you’d be hard pressed to identify both songs as being from the same band.

What Lux Lisbon do keep a firm grip on, however, is a beautifully constructed land of harmonies which adapts completely in tune with the band’s range of emotions. It’s also refreshing to hear different lead singers, your ears are graced by gracefully spun lyrics coming from the voices of Stuart Rook, Tom Cooper and, my personal favourite, Charlotte Austen – equipped with a vocal delivery that more than matches Florence Welch and her ilk for character and intrigue.

With a production quality that fits their sound like a pair of individual-toed socks, each member of the band executes their role to perfection; the rhythm section set the tone for each track in such a way to give them all something special to crow about, Tom Cooper’s guitar riffs are never over-bearing and yet they still remain rooted comfortable in the front of your mind and the keyboards help bring tracks such as ‘Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist‘ (which is a belter of a name) to life through the use of memorable riffs and a wealth of accurately judged timbre choices.

It’s really rare to come across a band that are able to convey such a range of emotions and styles across such a short selection of tracks but Lux Lisbon genuinely seem to be the complete package. With live performances from Bestival 2012 and the BBC added onto the special edition of the EP, the band are showing that they’re already getting some of the rewards they so rightfully deserve. And besides, who am I to argue with Billy Bragg, Tom Robinson and Stewart Lee?

Quite possibly the best EP I’ve heard this year.

Ciaran Steward

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