Detachments – EndGame

endgameElectronic music has never been ‘my thing’ as it were, yet I’ve certainly developed much more love for synths in the 6 months that I’ve been working for Ransom Note. This rather unexpected newfound tolerance has led me to enjoy ‘EndGame‘, the latest single from Detachments.

Though I’m still not a fan of some of the minor aspects of the track, particularly the rapid-fire bass drum, there are plenty of cracking little riffs that play off one another to keep my head emerged in the track. Coming at you with the sound of Talking Heads mixed with pure darkness, the track takes all the best timbres and stylistic choice of 80s synth-pop and blends them with a dissonant, darker style to create a truly unique signature sound. Heavily altered vocals will be haunting your dreams for nights to come but at least your feet will be tapping along to the infectious rhythms.

By using the space within the track as an ally, this latest Detachments offering paints a portrait of a mildly dystopian future in which the only respite is the art of dancing.

Or something like that, I don’t know, I’m not a scientist… Or psychic… Look, it’s a damn good track, stop asking me questions and create your own thoughts about this potential dystopian future…

Ciaran Steward

EndGame is out on Monday May 26th via Polvo Records.

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