Marc Culley – Happiness

marcculleyIt won’t take you even a second of listening to Marc Culley‘s debut single ‘Happiness‘ to know that this is a man heavily influenced by The Verve. In fact, the single has a rather similar sound to the classic ‘The Drugs Don’t Work‘. With mimicked chord progressions and vocal inflections that rely heavily on the magnificence of Richard Ashcroft, ‘Happiness‘ is essentially a tribute to one of the most influential British bands of the 1990s.

Relying on the tried and tested format of one man and his acoustic guitar, with a touch of strings and the occasional electric guitar riff filling the surrounding space, ‘Happiness‘ feels like a collectors item and as we reach the end we’re treated to the memorable opening chords of ‘The Masterplan‘, which has been my personal favourite Oasis track for quite some time. The track is sewn together by the dulcet tones of Alfred Hitchcock, a man who had no qualms about speaking his mind and sharing his philosophy. Though Culley’s philosophy may be borrowed, he still means every word and is a man who undeniably sticks to his principles. The simplicity evokes emotions and memories, perhaps the track would lose any raw edge and appeal if it had been meticulously produced and over-cooked.

What Marc Culley has created is a wonderfully captivating homage to some of BritPop’s finest and I’m going to have to spend the majority of the next hour with Urban Hymns blasting out.

Ciaran Steward


  1. Absolutely amazing! The talent involved in the composition of this song is unbelievable and Marc should be plugged more from music sites. His second track Dust is also very good and should be reviewed here. Unbelievable! Like a young Ashcroft.

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