Adam Wedd – People Places & Things EP

adamweddAdam Wedd has a voice that effortlessly flows with emotion and his deep, personal connection with his lyrics is obvious right from the get-go on his People Places & Things EP. With a crisp production that vaguely reminiscent of Laura Marling’s debut solo album, Wedd doesn’t try to over-complicate things and his use of many standard ballad timbres and chord progressions make this EP an expertly crafted product.

Though I’m not particularly a fan of heart-wrenching ballads and the like, I find it easy to appreciate Wedd’s natural talent and the delicacy with which he has gone about putting this project together. Sure, there are several lyrical clichés on offer yet they do not deter the listener from a voice that pours every drop of soul into each soothing note. It’s hard to pick one track as being a personal favourite as they are all much for muchness in terms of quality but ‘Sons and Daughters‘ just about edges it in my eyes as I found myself left hanging on for more as the track drew to a close.

The presence of strings on a project such as this is always a welcome decision as they are always able to provoke an added level of emotional depth that can be provided by no other instrument. Wedd’s voice is excellently supported by his tuneful, lullaby-like acoustic guitar and it would be easy to feel yourself drifting off on a cloud as you’re serenaded by this honest, heartfelt singer-songwriter. The lyrics range from motivational speeches to stories of broken hearts and it would be easy to imagine any one of these songs featuring at a particularly poignant moment in any TV drama or film – though closing track ‘Temptation Of Nothingness‘ is significantly more upbeat than its 3 predecessors with hints of skiffle, guiding the EP to a satisfying, toe-tapping end.

The final track helps to really complete the Adam Wedd package as it shows that he’s a man capable of creating multiple moods with his music and isn’t trapped in a world of melancholy. Though at time his voice may be slightly strained this seems to be because of his deep connection with his art and it’s very hard to separate this man’s spirit from his music.

Ciaran Steward

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