The Wet Secrets – Nightlife

thewetsecretsMany bands are tasked with the challenge of making themselves stand out from the crowd, Canadian band The Wet Secrets decided to try and make themselves stand out by dressing as a marching band. You can’t say it isn’t an original idea! Unfortunately you don’t get to see the band dressed up neatly in their uniforms in the video for ‘Nightlife‘ but you do get to watch Joe Flaherty acting his socks off as the miserly Count Floyd. Anyway, onto the music…

With 80s infused synths and effortlessly catchy riffs, ‘Nightlife‘ crosses Hallowe’en with lo-fi lead vocals and guitars whilst floating voices lift away the cobwebs and present a spiritual bliss. There are bass parts that echo the Television classic ‘Marquee Moon‘, in fact the bass is essentially the centre-point point of the track and leads expertly, and the casual delivery in the verses shows level of confidence that carries through splendidly into the wailing chorus. With a masterful command over the ebbs and flows of the track, the band have put together a marching beat for the new generation.

By manipulating the space well and using incredibly catchy riffs, The Wet Secrets have created a track filled with a haunting vision of life that combines punk attitudes with cheeky hints of glam rock to ultimately create an inspired indie instant classic.

Ciaran Steward

Check out the brilliant video for ‘Nightlife‘ here;


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