Midnight Horrors – Skies

skiesScottish outfit Midnight Horrors have just released their second EP ‘Skies‘, not a bad effort for a bunch of 17 year old lads. In fact it could be a whole lot worse as the group are able to produce some top-notch tracks with catchy rhythms and memorable hooks.

Opening with ‘Ice Cream‘, the EP kicks into life with an instantly addictive guitar riff that screams pure unadulterated energy. It doesn’t take any time at all for Fraser Burnett’s voice to grab hold of you and draw you in; his loyalty to his accent is endearing, and fortunately an asset that seems to once again be on the rise, whilst he harnesses the power of a foghorn without ever losing control. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Burnett’s voice occasionally wavers with some of the lower notes yet when he is in full flow there is an impressive force behind each and every syllable.

Despite having personal issues with certain elements of the mix, particularly the cymbal in the opening track, there is a warmth to the production which is uncommon for a band of this standing and the use of double-tracking is a definite bonus. Middle track ‘UM‘ features a number of delicately constructed basslines which stroll around behind the voice and guitars with a mature confidence so often lacking in this sort of music. The guitars are loosely reminiscent of Bloc Party and Maximo Park in that they’re able to flourish without ever becoming overbearing or intrusive.

I’d like to say that there are similarities between the band and Glasvegas, though perhaps I’m just grouping Scottish bands together. Nevertheless, the masterful dynamic control used in the title track, which closes the EP, with the ‘come on’ repetition sounds like it could easily be a hidden gem from the Glasvegas back catalogue. This closing track feels more emotional and intimate than the previous two and shows a maturity and depth to the band which is so often missing in young indie bands.

Though they may be young, Midnight Horrors are musically wise beyond their years and their future is looking bright.

Ciaran Steward

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