Curse – Hot Drinks & Hoodwinks

HOTDRINKSHOODWINKSIt’s rough, it’s raw, it’s everything you expect for a first demo and ‘Hot Drinks & Hoodwinks‘ is an exciting showcase of angst and aggression from first-timers Curse. In these two tracks, the 4-piece band present us with a sound that could be made in any garage across the country yet they have so much more purpose and and urgency to their delivery.

With guitars dunked head-first in distortion, Rob Broadbent’s voice seems satisfied to be the main attraction as it rises above a wash of guitars and a steady rhythm section. Broadbent’s accent is brilliant to listen to as he makes no effort to disguise his roots and it’s refreshing to hear someone getting behind a microphone without trying to fill anybody else’s shoes.

While the first track ‘Aint No Thing‘ may be essentially a full-throttle, high energy attack – using speed as an excellent ally to avoid any monotony – I’m drawn much more to ‘Coffee‘ as a result of the more intricate rhythmic vocal patterns and the infectious lyrics in the chorus. The main guitar riff may be somewhat basic yet it keeps my toe-tapping and though the build into the chorus may be slightly sloppy, it provides a great door for us to venture into the memorable chorus.

Though it may not be polished, or the most original sound you’ll hear this year, the raw enthusiasm of the band is an encouraging sign and it’s great to hear that this brand of indie rock is still well and truly alive.

Ciaran Steward

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