Them Things – ‘Good Weird’

Them Things - Photo Shoot_01Prepare yourself for a journey into the unknown as you board the good ship Them Things and travel between sounds, colours and waves into a magical world in which music flows freely from all around. Each of the 4 tracks on their EP Good Weird is full of charm and fantasy that would tame even the most savage of beasts.

There’s plenty of psychedelic influences in store and opening track ‘Forget/Regret‘ sounds as though George Harrison sat down with Stone Roses and decided to paint the most luxurious aural tapestry. Lead singer Louis Adams has a voice perfectly suited to this dreamy style and the vocal effects in use are perfect for capturing that quintessential summer of ’69 vibe – in a good way, not a Bryan Adams way. The lyrics could be ripped straight from a free-flowing acid trip whilst the guitars do a lot of the work, weaving bright colours and beautiful images straight into your soul. It’s safe to say that I have been thoroughly impressed every time I’ve listened to this opening track.

The quality certainly doesn’t dip as the EP progresses and the dream-state continues as we delve into ‘Oh Brother‘ – the sound effect of a fly highlighting the excellent spatial awareness of the band. A lo-fi, intoxicating guitar riff is replaced by a swarm of smooth as can be sounds, the acoustic guitar helps shape the tone of the piece whilst the bass meanders endlessly along this magic carpet ride. The guitar solo feels like the dream may be about to turn but as the dust settles you’ll be pleased to find yourself once again firmly rooted in the world of Them ThingsChanges‘ begins as a much calmer, softer effort before becoming probably the most intense of these 4 tracks. Once again the vocals act as the ideal centrepiece for the rest of the band to form effortlessly around whilst the array of effects once again bring you into this magnificent world. Closing things off is ‘Waves‘ which sounds like a much more modern indie classic, as if Bloc Party had employed Rock Wakeman and Nile Rodgers. It’s a standard indie track with so much more depth than your run of the mill song. A most welcome conclusion.

And as the waves crash down to the merest ripple, you’re back in the real world – safe in the knowledge that there are such magnificent creatives in the world as Them Things.

Ciaran Steward

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