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Photo1Somehow I’ve managed to get hold of another exclusive video, I feel like Jeremy Beadle (Kids, he presented You’ve Been Framed before Harry Hill made it unbearable). This time it’s the gentlemen of Cavaliers that have been kind enough to offer me up some visual goodness and I’m more than happy to oblige in showing their homemade, rough and ready video here. To give all you lovely readers a little insight into what the band are about, I sent them over some basic questions to help introduce the band behind the sounds. Blah blah blah, words to delay you from the video you came here to see, here’s a little plug for our brand new Facebook page, give us a like and make it look like this is all worthwhile, more blahs…

So, without any further unnecessary rambling and nonsense, here’s an interview with Cavaliers – check out the Exclusive video a little further down the page;

Tell us about who you are and where you’re from?

We are Ed, Eddie, James, Chris, all from Winchester. All of us bar Chris met at secondary school, but we all went to Peter Symonds for college. Chris has been off hitting big, posh drums at uni whilst we’ve been in our final year.

What’s your earliest memory of music?

Eddie’s involved setting up the camcorder for a family dance to S Club 7, which has provided inspiration to this day. As for James, his first experience was hearing Eno’s Music For Airports as performed in its entirety by an ultrasound machine whilst still in the womb. Quite a contrast really.

When did you first get into playing? Who inspired you to pick up your instrument/microphone?

Many a time, James has cited Busted’s debut album, Busted, which everyone can get behind really. That, and Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

How would you best describe your sound?

Post ultra-nu-rave with a penchant for motorway ambience sound effects, A.K.A indie pop rock. With the odd math rock influence here and there. Take the values of French-produced indie pop (naming no names cough cough Two Door Cinema Club cough cough), and add a bit of that British DIY rougher sound; we’ve gotta have some outros and stuff where you can just go a bit nuts on stage, in addition to poppier choruses et al.


What’s the Cavaliers motto?


Do you feel that it is important to have a message in your music or should music be more for pleasure and enjoyment?

Pleasure and enjoyment has to come first really, to get people to listen to a message if there is one. For us personally we haven’t gone and written a concept album just yet but we feel it’s important for a verse and a chorus to be associated and follow on nicely from each other in terms of lyrical meaning, and of course create a sort of atmosphere with the tone of the lyrics also.

By all means, a great pop song doesn’t need a message because ultimately that isn’t what gets stuck in your head. Or maybe it is for some. What do I know, I just work in the kitchen.

Why did you decide to put this video together?

With most artists it can really help you connect if you can watch a video to put faces to the music, so it was a natural step for us. Additionally, it’s nice to document past gigs and events and share those with fans so we just wanted to do that really and try and demonstrate and energy and enthusiasm in our live music, plus assure people we aren’t grumpy sods. That said, a few shots of Chris had to be axed because he apparently looked too ‘bored’. Drummers, am I right?!

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?

Recording our EP ‘Gazella’ was a fun experience, especially hearing our songs reach a professional sounding standard on recording, plus being on BBC Introducing radio! But highlights probably have to be some of the amazing shows we’ve been a part of, like Ttng last year at our local venue The Railway in Winchester as well as King Charles at Mo’Club in Southampton a few months back. To meet and play with artists you loved long before your band was even going is pretty sweet, the gigs themselves were just bangers too. Oh, and we supported Frankie Cocozza’s band too once, which was a laugh, they were nice guys too.

Do you think it’s more important to create the perfect recording or to make every live gig special?

This is a tricky one!

With a recording, perfect doesn’t necessarily mean sonically perfect; if a raw, unpolished recording is what’s required for the vibe that can be perfect too. But getting things exactly how you want them is important in the process because if you don’t it will irk you ‘til kingdom come. This aside, to record your music, have it forever and be able to share it with lots of people is a great thing that really makes your band feel alive.

Equally so, gigs can be more unpredictable and rough around the edges and the liveliness is what makes them special. Putting on a good show as a band is crucial as well as what makes the experience fun, so they complement each other nicely!

So, what did we learn today? The answer is: both.


Who would make up your ideal gig?

Us, King Charles, Ttng, Earth Wind & Fire. Maybe Barry Manilow if he promises to behave himself.

Where do you hope you are headed?

A place where there is unlimited naan bread and it never gets boring. But also to keep expanding our audience because growing our listener and fan base is an exciting thing. Plus you’re not a real band if you don’t want to be playing massive festivals and arenas one day so that’s always in the back of our minds. That, and ten billion Facebook likes.

What can we expect to hear from you in the coming months?

Definitely more shows and hopefully a mini-tour. Maybe some songs if we’re feeling up to it. Potentially leaked sex tape of ruggedly handsome lead singer. Unlikely but not off-the-cards sold out world tour and greatest hits album with Sting supporting.

Who is your least favourite cartoon character?

Shut up, Meg.

Hehehehehehehehe sweet. That was Cavaliers, definitely a band to keep an eye on – there will be a review of their EP ‘Gazella‘ on the way soon. They’re on Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook if you want to stay up to date with their goings on and they can be seen live at The Hoxton Underbelly on 30th July.

Ciaran Steward

(P.s. We have a new Facebook page, I may have mentioned it…)


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