Vector Vendetta – ‘The Undercoat’

vvtuYou’re lulled into ‘The Undercoat‘ in a way that will have you second guessing whether or not you’re listening to a chilled out cover of Hard-Fi. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take long for Vector Vendetta to leave their own distinctive mark on the track and bring this wonderfully mysterious track into life.

Though the atmosphere created is often one of slight disarray and emotion, you’ll be rocked to the core when everything kicks fully into gear – don’t be fooled by the false climax early on. Jack Ashley’s drums are a particular highlight on the track, creating an intense marching-esque beat with plenty of sneaky little moments of exquisite delicacy whilst the guitar has exactly the opposite appeal with a much more rough and ready sound. Everything comes together to create a sound not a million miles away from Muse at their peak, there is also an obvious sense that Radiohead have had a significant impact on the band’s choices.

The three piece are an incredibly tight unit and bounce off each other as if they’ve been playing together since birth. Vocalist/guitarist Leander Thom has a voice full of confidence and charisma which will lead you on a journey that you may never wish to return from whilst bassist Arvin Bancil opts to be significantly more creative than your average bassist. This is a song that never sits still and will keep you second-guessing until the very end.

Strap yourself in, there’s a hell of a long way to go.

Ciaran Steward

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