Zola Blood – ‘Grace’

zolaAfter being presented with a wall of mystery and confusion with regards to the identity of Zola Blood, or even whether I’m listening to a producer or band, I decided it was best not to care and simply to indulge myself in this electronic delight.

In my brief (alright, a fortnight) delay in getting to write this review, ‘Grace‘ has already accrued over 80,000 Soundcloud plays. If only I’d had the time to get the word out first I might gain some respect. But nevertheless, it is so easy to see why this track has had so many plays already. Though it may not be the most complex of beings, you’ll find yourself unable to resist the allure of the synths and stunningly beautiful voice. The swelling synths are used with such a high level of delicacy that they somehow manage to be both menacing and soothing at once.

The greatest strength of ‘Grace‘ is the quality and attention to detail when it comes to the supporting sounds. Whilst the voice is an incredibly enticing prospect, and the lyrical repetition a surefire earworm, it is the cloud upon which it is carried away that steals the show for me. It makes for such sweet harmony and every inch of space is carefully examined before the decision is made whether to fill it with noise or leave a tense, marvellous silence. Each and every minute moment is planned as thoroughly as can be and what we have here is a truly sublime way to spend 4 minutes.

Or 8. Or 12. Or an hour.

Ciaran Steward

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