We The Wild – Trampoline

WTW PROMO 2With a slightly ropey metaphor regarding a children’s plaything serving as the inspiration for the title along with one of the most notable lyrics, We The Wild have produced a track in ‘Trampoline‘ that certainly surpasses any negative pre-conceptions you may have.

On some levels it is nothing more than your standard pop song, the lyrics often rely a little heavily on repetition whilst there are no real surprises in any of the chord progressions. However, rhythmically the track is an unpredictable beast as the percussion elements bring life and an effortless energy into the fray. The vocal riffs are enthusiastic and instantly memorable and they, along with the top quality production of the single, make this a song worth giving much more than a second thought. With hints of Everything Everything and perhaps even Alt-J in the mix, the track is able to provide something new whilst taking on characteristics of some of the best music of the ’10s. Despite some of the slightly less distinguished lyrics the message of the song is clear and it stands of brilliantly before we’re treated to one final climax. This is a band that you’ll surely adore if you’re a fan of Dan Croll.

It might sound as though I’m not a particular fan of the track yet I find that many of the elements that go towards the final product of ‘Trampoline‘ are truly exquisite and show that We The Wild are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Ciaran Steward

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