Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #1

So I’ve sold out. Well, not exactly. I mean, I’m not getting any money for this. It’s more a case of two similar projects joining forces. Like the Megazord (Power Rangers anyone?)

I found out about Rormix earlier this week which is, and I quote, “an app that lets users discover curated emerging music videos”. Essentially, unsigned bands coverage through videos. Nice. From this point onwards, as far as the eye can see, you’ll be able to check out the top 5 videos from Rormix each week to listen to – as long as I’m happy to include them all!

So here are the picks for week one;

Hartheim – ‘Welcome to Hartheim’

Hartheim - Welcome To Hartheim

Manchester five-piece Hartheim have been hot on the press as Manchester’s most mysterious newcomer, with a lack of social media creating a buzz. Welcome to Hartheim is the bands second offering, and they say that the song serves as a proper introduction to both the historic name of the band and the band itself.
You can find them on Twitter.

Little Hurricane – ‘Sheep In Wolves Clothes

Little Hurricane - Sheep In Wolves Clothes

Little Hurricane are a rock due comprised of Tone Catalano and CC Spina. Sheep In Wolves Clothes is a cut from their second album ‘Gold Fever’, which was recorded in an 1800s apple-packing house in California, giving the recording a rustic and unique quality. “One of the most important things for us on this album was making sure we never strayed too far from just good, straight-up rock-and-roll recording,” Catalano says.

Twitter & Facebook

King Eider – ‘Drink Me Dry’

King Eider - Drink Me Dry

A folk-blues five-piece hailing from Edinburgh, King Eider craft a modern sound rooted in stripped back musicianship and classic folk influences. The band manage to create a modern sound using age old techniques, with stripped back musicianship and obviously folk influences, and this song is definite ode to this.

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The Nursery – ‘Lysergically Yours’

The Nursery - Lysergically Yours

The Nursery was started in the depths of winter in Toronto, Canada. Their live shows have been called a “kaleidoscopic pop explosion” mixing colourful dance rhythms with eccentric hooks , and the post punk guitars create an uncanny experience. The video for ‘Lysergically Yours’ is the bands latest offering, perfect for those who like great music and have a sweet tooth.

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Baby Alpaca – ‘Sea Of Dreams’

Bby Alpaca - Sea Of Dreams

Baby Alpaca is a band from New York City and Los Angeles, and makes dreamy classic rock n’ soul to connect human spirit. They released their first EP last year and have gone from strength to strength, with the beautifully animated ‘Sea Of Dreams’ video being premiered on NPR and Vogue.

Twitter & Facebook

Thanks to Nicole at Rormix for the picks.

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