Fossa – Sea Of Skies


March 2015 update: So it turns out that the band are giving the EP an official release with a track ‘premiered’ recently on TLOBF. Oh look, here’s a review of the same EP I wrote in the middle of last year. Funny that. (Note: I’m realising as I write this just how smarmy I sound, I apologise, I actually love TLOBF and Fossa). Anyway, this is a magnificent EP and here’s what Ciarán of July 2014 thought of it:

Though I may have something of a penchant for the upbeat, I love it when a band are able to put together a project that is filled with atmospheric brilliance, rhythmic intricacies and a smooth, reassuring sound that blossoms into an unexpected beauty. Fossa have done exactly that with their brand new ‘Sea Of Skies‘ EP and each track is filled with creative spirit and psychedelic soundscapes.

The vocals sit atop a marvellous blend of delicately constructed sounds for opening track ‘Five Days’ and they act as a soothing remedy to the troubles of the world, it’s incredibly easy to get swept away by this well-rounded composition. As ‘Sea Of Trees’ slowly awakes from what sounds like a hundred year slumber, the harmonics and cymbals are replaced by a delightful acoustic guitar and drums combo. It’s off-beat without being too upbeat and your body will swiftly be infected by the gently swaying rhythms. Harmonies are a huge plus to the sound and the lead guitar plays riffs that are both impressive and simplistic, not an easy feat by any means. Once the swelling and rising has reached a climax, you’ll be treated to a sound that could well be the lighter side of Pink Floyd’s moon. Then again, it isn’t all light at all as the track closes with a rising cacophony.

Into the second half of the EP, ‘Butterfly‘ will make you feel as though you’re riding on the wings on a tiny creature, watching the world rush by. The sweetly soft vocals and wonderfully-judged bass riffs help give the song life whilst the consistency of the guitar and drums carry you along. As the piano and synth hit, the aura is transformed yet the sense of security never fails and this somewhat unexpected nature keeps you on your toes. Once again we’re treated to a crescendo as the band kick it up a notch, inflicting these sweet sounds with their utterly fantastic psychedelic edge. And what better way to close of the EP than with a ‘Swan Song‘? The final track tops the others with an excellent sense of patience and a sense of atmospheric peace that is ramped up for an utterly exquisite conclusion.

With hints of jazz, psychedelia and soundscaping ever-present, Fossa have put together an EP which will inspire and linger long in the memory.

Ciaran Steward

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