Stuart Newman – ‘One Big F’

stuartnewman-onebigf-820x820This track from Stuart Newman has my mind in a 90s-infused daze, there are so many sounds filling the air and I have absolutely no idea which way to turn. There are a host of styles on offer and Newman’s voice and acoustic guitar are reliables guides through the haze as you’ll emerge with a smile planted firmly across your face.

One Big F’ is full of chilled out, indie melodies that border on a folk-esque tone, effortlessly lifting you away to a lighter place. With these folk twinges, Newman expands by adding a powerful lo-fi beat which may take you a little by surprise. Though at times it can drag a little, I’m not a great fan of repetition, there is plenty to get excited about as a signature style is developed instantly and your mind is set to rest thanks to a melting pot of ideas with hints of Stone Roses (check the effects), amongst countless others.

In the end, it probably isn’t the worst idea to follow Stuart Newman wherever he goes. After all, we all know what it leads to…

Ciaran Steward

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